My First Ever, Free Art Friday, in Quantico!!

Free Art Friday Thanks Doodle
Giving Thanks Gift Doodle Art 1, Copper & Black

What is Free Art Friday, and how can I get involved?

Well according to the ‘official’ Free Art Friday facebook page, (, this is a movement on Fridays where “Artwork <is> placed on the street for any member of the public to enjoy and take home.”  Similar in concept to “Art abandonment” but only on Fridays.

How cool is that?  Just to find some random art or doodle somewhere in your community?  Free for the taking?  That’s a radical random act of kindness in my book, and it is all for the good!  I had to be a part of it all!!

Hello Everyone who has ever supported me!  I have been meaning to start gifting my art as a way to say “Thank You” to the ever-kind Universe that has granted me the joy of creating things.  But I haven’t been doing it!  How lame is that?

I just heard about this movement called ‘Free Art Friday’ a couple days ago, and as soon as I heard about it, I decided, Yes, Now.  It is Time.  So even though I created this web blog 2 whole years ago and wrote one single solitary post back in April 2015 with the intention of gifting my art (and then never did anything) well I’m going to start doing it now.  And I have a couple years worth of gifting to make up for!  So I may even do it more often than Fridays!

I don’t know how other people’s brains work, but mine is the literal out of sight, out of mind, mind.  I need to document what I do, for myself- because once this present moment has passed, I will most likely forget all but the most large and obnoxiously obvious details.  (Long neglected present blog site is a case-in-point…)  I need to remind myself that this creativity I have been given is a true gift to me, not to be horded- and I want to make it available to anyone who likes & appreciates it.

I also wanted to do this in a blog format so that others could comment, and maybe start a dialog.  This page is my work-in-progress and I am learning as I go.  Please forgive any hiccups.

I also started a facebook page too, Free Art Friday – Quantico VA partly to document some of the fun things I’ll be doing, but even more importantly to see if I can encourage others to join me on this crusade of making our communities and the world just a little more amazing and happier!

I hope visiting here made your day a little brighter.  I hope you consider participating in Free Art Friday yourself!  It doesn’t have to be a picture or painting- do you write poetry? Do you like beading or tying knots?  I am of the unshakable belief that Everyone has creativity- their own version of Art- and it is up to each individual to determine for themselves what it is.  If I can help you in any way to figure out your personal creativity, I would be honored to assist!